Our Mission

The firm’s main strategy is to work with proven social enterprises around the world with a view to first identifying whether their model is applicable to the GCSEA region and if so to provide support for them in establishing a presence thru a cooperative arrangement, joint venture or wholly owned operation in the region.

The particular sector of interest is on education and educational-related projects as well as projects where training of human resources is an important element of the strategy.

We also endeavor to ensure that all our projects have an orientation of promoting integral human development. It is our belief that educational ventures can create a great social impact that has a strong multiplier effect. next

Our Mission

It's a sector where in the East Asia region the business models and social impact models can be mutually reinforcing thereby resulting in a blended favorable risk-adjusted return. The partners of the firm have been very much involved in this area historically.

The firm collaborates closely with Sinaworld.cn (sponsored by a Hong Kong educational charity and a European educational non-profit organization) a social enterprise in Mainland China that is focused on training in entrepreneurial leadership, social entrepreneurship and corporate stakeholder responsibility.